Dk.Ch. Lakefield Lissandro of Liable

Lakefield Lissandro of Liable
BreedRough Collie
Date of Birth28.06.1997
Date of Death03.04.2008
Reg.noDKK 01700/98
Health testsHD B, CEA-PRA-KAT clear
BreederBrazil Alexandre de Carvalho
OwnerDenmark Ulla Larsen
Sando is an extraordinary Collie. Just as gentle and sweet as he is big and masculine. Bred in Brazil with a touch of american blood, only to get a glance of by eyeplacement which means that he may not be an Englishmans choise. Never the less Ian Brazier "Krybrance" wrote: "Excellent outline, very sound movements, good reach of neck, wellplaced shoulder, long head, wellplaced ears, expression spoiled by low set stop". prize.
Sando is unique in conformation and temperament and may be the perfect match for the bitch who got "the look".
Above photo is a snapshot from the show where Ian Brazier judged. See more at my homepage.
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