Int,Dt.Ch.(VDH&Club),Dt.JCh Rydeen Blaze of Glory

Date Show Class Result Title Judge
20.11.2011 be CACIB Kortrijk Champion class Exc1 CAC, CACIB - Int.Ch. uk Sandra Wigglesworth
18.06.2011 at CACIB Klagenfurt Open class Exc1 CAC, CACIB-R hu Andras Korózs
12.06.2011 de CAC Magdeburg Open class Exc1 CAC uk Geoff Duffield
Very attractive sable-white,quality head, most sweet eyes and expression, good ears, good stop, nice reach of neck, good shoulder, very strong well boned legs, tight feets, very well presented in full coat, good overall make and shape, well muscles, very sound mover ... Exc 1, CAC
05.06.2011 de CAC Bad Salzhausen Open class Exc1 CAC - Dt.Ch.(VDH&Club) uk Gwen Beaden
25.04.2011 nl CACIB Leeuwarden Open class Exc1 CAC, CACIB uk Sandra Wigglesworth
13.06.2010 de CACIB Erfurt Intermediate class Exc1 CAC, CACIB hu Judit Korózs-Papp
30.05.2010 de CACIB Gießen Intermediate class Exc1 CAC, CACIB-R de Uwe Nölke
16.05.2010 de CAC Penig Intermediate class Exc1 CAC uk Jimmy Tait
13.05.2010 de CAC Rastede Intermediate class Exc1 CAC uk Geoff Duffield
08.05.2010 de CACIB VDH-ES, Dortmund Intermediate class Exc2 CAC-R, CACIB-R de Uwe Nölke
02.05.2010 de CAC Brietz Intermediate class Exc2 CAC-R de Uwe Nölke
11.04.2010 de CACIB Dresden Intermediate class Exc1 CAC, CACIB hu Ildikó Muzslai
12.09.2009 de CACIB Leipzig Junior class Exc1 CAC-J - Dt.Jgd.Ch.(VDH&Club) hu Judit Korózs-Papp
16.08.2009 de CAC Berlin Junior class Exc2 CAC-J-R de Erika Heintz
09.08.2009 de CAC Mölln Junior class Exc1 CAC-J uk Jack Wigglesworth
02.08.2009 de Nationale Bremen Junior class Exc1 CAC-J de Claus-Peter Fricke
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