Goodyear vom Hellental

Goodyear vom Hellental
BreedRough Collie
Date of Birth12.02.2010
Health testsHD B, CEA-PRA-KAT clear, MDR1 +/+, DM N/N
Withers61 cm
Noterecommended for breeding
BreederGermany Bärbel und Bernhard Kraft
OwnerGermany Bärbel Fleischmann
Oberdorfstraße 24
36093 Künzell / Fulda
Tel: +49 0661/43883
Fax: +49 0661/43883
Rollo is a temperamental, self-conscious young male with amiable and closed up nature.

He has a silvery shining-black hair and a long bushy tail, has an excellent head
with lovely expression, dark, beautiful eyes and complete scissor bite.

A beautiful neck and topline, correct angulation in front and rear, excellent bone
and very good depth of chest mark his body shape.

Proudly arched neck, he wears his impressive "mane" with very good, brisk gait.
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